Adding a new Language

For translations of Existing Language:

Please Refer This

All Translations are inside the /locales folder

Each language has a Folder with the Name of its Respective Code Based on this.

For example: English Translation would be in /locales/en and Marathi in /locales/mr

Each File Inside the Language Folder would have Multiple Files based te generate the template for the language:

python locales/ <LANG_CODE>

It would generate the Folder and Files.

By Default it would add files with English Translation and you have add translations for the words,phrases you know because we want a fallback if the translation doesn’t exists.

For Example Home Page has English Translation in /locales/en/home.js

export default {
    title: 'Life',
    description: 'Verified Crowd Sourced Emergency Services Directory',
    oxygen: 'Oxygen',
    medicine: 'Medicine',
    hospital: 'Hospital',
    ambulance: 'Ambulance',
    helpline: 'Helpline',
    plasma: 'Plasma',
    searchPlaceholder: 'Search for availability in a State or District',
    state: 'State',
    district: 'District',
    covid19Stats: 'Covid19 Statistics',
    oxygenRequirements: 'Oxygen Requirements',
    contributeData: 'Contribute Verified Data',
    campaigns: 'Campaigns',
    partnerWithUs: 'Partner With Us',
    curatedBy: 'Curated By',
    supportedBy: 'Supported By',
    poweredBy: 'Powered By',
    github: 'Github',
    database: 'Database',
    about: 'About'

Here the key is the value of word we want to be translated and the value is the translated word of the key in the respective language.

To add marathi translations to the Home Page

Gotta create a file in /locales/mr/home.js and add the following :

export default {
    title: 'लाइफ़',
    description: 'सत्यापित क्रोड सोर्सिड इमर्जन्सी सर्व्हिसेस निर्देशिका',
    oxygen: 'ऑक्सिजन',
    medicine: 'औषध',
    hospital: 'रुग्णालय',
    ambulance: 'रुग्णवाहिका',
    helpline: 'हेल्पलाइन',
    plasma: 'प्लाझ्मा',
    searchPlaceholder: 'राज्य किंवा जिल्ह्यात उपलब्धतेचा शोध घ्या',
    state: 'राज्य',
    district: 'जिल्हा',
    covid19Stats: 'कोविड 19 आकडेवारी',
    oxygenRequirements: 'ऑक्सिजन आवश्यकता',
    contributeData: 'सत्यापित डेटाचे योगदान द्या',
    campaigns: 'मोहिमा',
    partnerWithUs: 'आमच्यासह भागीदार',
    curatedBy: 'क्युरेटेड बाय',
    supportedBy: 'समर्थित',
    poweredBy: 'द्वारा समर्थित',
    github: 'गीथब',
    database: 'डेटाबेस',
    about: 'बद्दल'

Things to do After adding a New Language:

Update /hooks/use-locale.js

import en from '@locales/en/index';
+ import mr from '@locales/mr/index';

const languages = {
    'EN': en,
+    'MR': mr

Update /locales/index.js

export default [
        name: 'English',
        code: 'EN'
+    {
+        name: 'मराठी',
+        code: 'MR'
+    },